Virus neutralizing UV inside filter box! For heavy duty use, we recommend the bigger unit – the AS95 – as it has more than triple the filtration power of the AS40. Washable prefilters, automatic AI controlled fans, and state of the art pollution control sensors make this a popular unit for people with pets, large rooms or demanding environments. Our air purifier series is selling out fast with the AS95 being bulk purchased by the health care industry. This has a class leading 488 cubic meters per hour of filtration as the recommendation by CDC is to filter the airspace at least 12-15 times per hour. We are currently on our second factory run to keep up with demand. Traps and reduces pet hair and large particles. Filters out formaldehyde, volatile organic compounds, odors and household fumes. Removes 99.995% of dust and allergens as small as 0.3nm.

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